Technical features

Cross-section: Interior shutters have a light structure and thickness of only 22mm, so as to not burden the window sash with extra weight.

Mechanisms: Wooden interior shutters carry simple hinges (anuba) and metal lock in silver, gold or bronze colour.

Opening types: They can be one- or two-sash per window sash. They can also be mounted on entry doors with glazing.

Materials: There are two basic types of wooden interior shutters::

  • In marine plywood 18mm, with different designs (flat, with vertical or horizontal incisions, with decorative wooden rails etc)
  • With frame in solid wood and panels in marine plywood

Wooden interior shutters

Wooden interior shutters are installed on the window sash, providing shading and thermal insulation. They are a lighter and cheaper alternative to standard wooden shutters.

Wooden interior shutters can be found in traditional residences, both in mountain or island villages. Their main advantage is the fact that they can be operated from the inside, without the need to open windows (as in case of normal exterior shutters). Therefore, it is an ideal solution in areas with very low temperatures or intense wind.