Technical features

Profile thickness: SYLOR’s entry doors profile is the same with wooden windows, with a cross-section of the frame 68X80mm and sash thickness 68mm or 92mm (depending on window chosen profile).
Materials: The door sash consists of a frame in laminated wood (timber of choice) with panels in marine plywood, or it is made in marine plywood 68mm.
Mechanisms: Entry doors carry security steel locks with multiple locking points and adjustable hinges.
Watertightness: Triple gasket along the sash perimeter (top and two sides) and aluminium drainage system of a 25mm height (bottom) that ensures watertightness, thermal and acoustic insulation and energy savings.

Wooden Entry Doors SYLOR

Traditional or modern, in bright colours or in the natural wood nuances, let your entry door shine. At SYLOR – Wooden Solutions you may choose the wooden entry door that best fits your personal space, among a great variety of designs. More than aesthetics, SYLOR’s entry doors offer security and energy savings.