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Wooden Frames

Choosing the windows of our house and workspace does not and should not rely solely on the protection from exterior environment.

Given the conditions of high security and isolation –acoustic and thermal– SYLOR – Wooden Solutions aims at the preservation of harmony and aesthetics of the building's design.

Wooden Windows

We see wooden windows as a top quality and sustainable solution among window systems.

Wooden Windows SLIMLINE

Slightness and transparency, this is SLIMLINE System, new generation wooden doors and windows

Wooden Entry Doors

Traditional or modern, in bright colours or in the natural wood nuances, let your entry door shine

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are an important element of the design both in traditional and non-traditional buildings.

Wooden Interior Shutters

Wooden interior shutters are installed on the window sash, providing shading and thermal insulation.

Wooden Rolling Shutters

Wooden rolling shutters are characterized by functionality, timelessness and the particular aesthetics.

Mosquito Nets

SYLOR - Wooden Solutions collaborates with leading mosquito net producers in Italy and Greece

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose wooden windows?

The main reason for someone to choose wooden windows is the indisputable aesthetics of the wood, over other materials, like PVC or aluminium. Moreover, wood is a building material known for its durability, its last in time and its thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Nowadays’ production methods of wooden windows permit the construction of a wide range of applications for large openings, ultra-slim profiles, and bespoke designs when needed, as well as the coating in a great variety of colour tints to choose from.

One of the most important advantages of wooden windows is their ability to be easily maintained and repaired, when needed, an ability that makes them last longer. International standardization and the updated methods of production in modern units, provide detailed information on product characteristics, regarding the resistance to weather conditions, prior to the purchase. In addition, timber is the most sustainable and environment-friendly choice of any window material.

Finally, wooden windows offer a timeless appeal that doesn’t date, but rather grows in appeal over time. All the above-mentioned make the windows an excellent investment and value for money.

What to look for when buying wooden windows?

There are certain quality factors about wooden windows, for comparing diverse products from different suppliers. Our company, with over 30 years of experience in wooden window production, recommends a series of criteria that will facilitate the selection of wooden windows that best suit your needs.

Timber: Make sure you are adequately informed about the available types of wood of each supplier, as well as how each type of wood responds to the weather conditions where the building is located, and whether it is guaranteed.

Finishing: The quality of finishing is both determined by the materials used, and the way of paint application (electrostatic coating or air-flow). Look for certified and environment-friendly paints, electrostatic coating and ask about the warranty period, and warranty terms and conditions.

Quality certificates: The certificates are the best way to understand the quality characteristics of a window. European standards classify windows into categories based on results in laboratory tests that measure their performance in air permeability, water-tightness and wind resistance.


Thermal comfort: Thermal transmittance, or U value, is used in order to describe the thermal insulation properties of windows and glazings. A lower value equals lower expenses for space heating or cooling.

Acousting comfort: If your building is located in an area exposed to noise pollution (e.g. close to an airport/high traffic road or industrial area), you should opt for glazings with sound insulation, or even a thicker window profile section, for increased noise protection.

Warranty: Carefully read the warranty terms and conditions and choose suppliers that will be able to provide after-sales service.

How long do wooden windows last?

According to a report by WWF, the expected lifespan of a wooden window is 60 years. The life expectancy of wooden windows is three times longer, than this of PVC windows, thanks to their ability to repair, as showcased in the same report.

Are wooden windows expensive?

Wooden windows are considered as the most expensive type in the window market, when compared to aluminium or PVC windows. However, wooden windows prices vary depending on the characteristics, like opening types, the timber used or the shutter type. 

Given the excellent performance in energy efficiency and their long lifespan in comparison to other materials, wooden windows are an affordable solution, and a worthwhile investment.

Do wooden windows require maintenance?

Despite the common perception that wooden windows require maintenance more often than other types of windows, the truth is that all windows need maintenance every six months, that includes the cleaning of windows’ main parts and lubrication of hardware.

Contemporary window production includes the use of laminated wood from resistant to humidity timber (iroko, okoume, meranti), specially crafted paints that protect wood from weather conditions, electrostatic coating. All these have significantly reduced the time between necessary maintenance and increased their durability against weather exposure.

Are there minimal wooden frames?

In recent years, the production of wooden windows has been adapted to modern architectural constructions, and some companies are producing slim wooden profiles.

SLIMLINE profile by SYLOR – Wooden Solutions has a minimal and ultra-slim design and it is available in tilt-turn and sliding opening typology.

INCANTO profile provides another solution for a slim window profile with aluminium clad.

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