Entry Doors Supreme

New horizons for modern residential and industrial design thanks to the innovative design of the system SUPREME SD115 Pivot that offers extremely large entrance doors for an exceptional aesthetic result with a pure, minimalistic design and coplanar surfaces. The system SUPREME SD115 Pivot provides an outstanding new feeling of brightness and connection between internal and external environments, rendering the system unique in concept and design. The innovative design of the system, alongside the state-of-the-art equipment, provide the prerequisites for prestigious entrance doors with high aesthetics, exceptional quality and outstanding performances in terms of security, insulation and functionality.

/ Pivot Mechanism with adjustable pins
Maximum energy efficiency with high thermal insulation coefficient Ud<0,7 W/m2K.
/ High levels of thermal insulation with special anti-distortion polyamides 34mm, for improved performance when there are high temperature differences between indoors and outdoors.
/ Maximum watertightness with special design of central gasket and 3 sealing levels with EPDM gaskets.
/ 5-point automatic lock
/ Co-planarity between frame and sash
/ Special 7mm Threshold
/ Integrated recessed external handle

Frame depth: 115 mm
Sash depth: 115 mm
Minimum visible width: 122 mm
Minimum visible width (Τ-Profile): 106,4 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit: 250 Kg
Glass thickness: from 24 up to 54 mm
Uf: 1,5 W/m2K

SD95 is a Supreme system specially designed for fabricating entrance doorsof high aesthetics with high quality materials. The main characteristic of the system is the heavy duty thermal-break profiles which, in combination with glass or aluminum panels, respond to the latest architectural trends thanks to the following main characteristics:

/ Maximum energy efficiency thanks to extremely low thermal insulation coefficient (Ud<1,0W/m2K)
/ Anti-distortion polyamides to accommodate the deflection of the door due to the difference between inside and out temperatures
/ Continuous central gasket for better air and water sealing along with improved thermal insulation performance
/ High level of sound reduction
/ Concealed, barrel or surface mounted hinges
/ A variety of different multi points security locks which offer enhanced security levels

Frame depth: 95 mm
Sash depth: 95 mm
Minimum visible width: 161,4 mm
Minimum visible width (Τ-profile): 106,4 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit: 180 Kg
Glass thickness: 24 up to 54 mm
Cross section thickness: 1,4 up to 2 mm
Uf: 1,2 W/m2K

SUPREME SD77 is ALUMIL’s new innovative entrance door with unique form and functions designed to provide efficiency, durability and fitness. SD77 offers flexibility in design and with its multiple typologies provides endless possibilities to fit every structural span required. With its modern, sleek flat designs and aesthetic touches has the ability to be combined with either aluminum panels or grazing infills without sacrificing its finesse. A true technological advancement offering optimum performance and sustainable building.

/ Sleek look in the system’s 77mm depth.
/ Low threshold of only 22mm height with slip resistant design.
/ High level of thermal insulation and water tightness.
/ Designed to fit different solutions.
/ Wide variety of security locks and hinges (concealed, barrel or surface mounted).
/ Ideal entrance door for S77 window series

Frame depth: 77 mm
Sash depth: 77 mm
Minimum visible width: 154,5 mm
Minimum visible width (Τ-Profile): 76 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit: 180 Kg
Glass thickness: up to 68 mm
Cross section thickness: 1,3 up to 2 mm
UD: 0,7 W/m2K