Serifos - Private residence

Residence in Serifos island

Location: Kalo Ampeli, Serifos
Year: 2003

The complex of luxury residences in Kalo Ampeli, Serifos was constructed as a natural extension of the landscape. SYLOR windows help maintain harmony both outside and inside the residences, lacquered in colours of RAL palette.

Sifnos - Private residence

Private residence in Sifnos island

Location: Sifnos
Year: 2006

This luxurious residence seems to gaze from above the Aegean Sea. The windows are in line with the traditional style of the house, coloured in RAL 5024 in order to blend with the environment, while iroko timber ensures durability in spite of the demanding climatic conditions in Cyclades islands.

Loutraki, Corinthia - Private residence

Residence in Loutraki

Location: Loutraki, Corinthia
Year: 2002

This modern building construction perfectly combines wood with stone. Terrace doors with book opening have been placed in large openings, in order to provide an optimum connection between inner and outer spaces.

Καστέλλα, Αττική - Ιδιωτική Κατοικία

Ιδιωτική κατοικία στην Καστέλλα

Τοποθεσία: Καστέλλα, Αττική
Έτος: 2010

Η επιβλητική κατοικία νεοκλασικού τύπου στην Καστέλλα Αττικής ανακαινίστηκε το 2010 με ξύλινα κουφώματα και εξώθυρες της SYLOR σε χρώματα της παλέτας RAL. Κεντρικό στοιχείο η παραδοσιακή μασίφ εξώθυρα με ανοιγόμενο πορτάκι και σιδεριά.

Tel Aviv, Israel - Private residence

Residence in Israel

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Year: 2011

Clear, straight lines give a modern feel to this residence located in the outskirts of Israel. The white windows with astragal bars and louver board shutters ensure harmony both inside and outside.

Perdika, Aegina - Private residence

Residence in Aegina island

Location: Perdika, Aegina
Year: 2005

The luxurious residence in Perdika, Aegina is a sample of the island’s traditional architecture and carries wooden windows and entry doors made by SYLOR in colors of RAL palette.